We Have a Collection of Memorials at Our Premises which Have Been Removed For Funeral Directors for Funerals to Take Place, If You Think One of These Could Be Yours Please Get in Touch.

Fisher’s Memorials Price List July 2023

Fishers Willcox Collection Brochure

Headstones for your loved ones

We have probably the most comprehensive selection of granite memorials ever produced. When it becomes time to choose a memorial as a dignified and fitting tribute to a loved one, there can be no finer choice than everlasting granite. Because of its enduring properties, your memorial will retain its beauty without fear of weathering or deterioration.

High-quality granite memorials

At Fishers Memorials, we have designers with a great wealth of experience and will help you out with a wide range of memorial designs. We are here to make it as easy as possible to choose the right memorial for your loved one.

For headstones and memorial design in the heart of Leicester, get in touch with Fishers (Leicester) Ltd today.
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What we offer

  • Full memorials
  • Children’s memorials
  • Vases and cremation tablets
  • Additional inscriptions and verse selections
  • Unique memorials

Showcasing some of our custom headstones

We source stones and accessories from all over the world. In order for you to offer a long-lasting tribute for someone you love, we have a gallery of memorial stone designs for you to choose from.